Macwet Mens & Womens 1 Pair Long Mesh Sports Gloves

Macwet Mens & Womens 1 Pair Long Mesh Sports Gloves Description

All Grip No Slip. That is the mission statement of these fantastic MacWet aquatec long mesh sports gloves. For sports where a good grip enhances your performance wear these maximum grip Macwet gloves. 100% great grip, even in the wettest weather, these sporting gloves are ideal for golf, horse riding, watersports, shooting, fishing, cycling and even paragliding. The synthetic fibres used in the gloves have natural wicking properties which allow water to be readily transported along, around and over the gloves surfaces to the fabric face. This means it evaporates quickly providing you with the ultimate comfortable and gripping power!  Unlike perspiration inducing leather gloves which compromise comfort and grip the fabric used in these gloves allows the hand to breathe as it should ensuring consistently comfortable grip.  Want to enhance your performance further?  Add a little moisture to the glove by gripping a damp towel to ensure maximum grip whatever your sport.  Washable by hand or machine up to 40 degrees, this maintains maximum glove performance.  The long glove comes to the just above the wrist and has a thick elasticated cuff for a secure fit.  The glove fastens using an easy to use, durable Velcro strap.(09/12)  What size should I buy? To ensure your glove fits like a second skin you need to get the right size for you.  Take a tape measure and measuring in centimetres place the tape measure across the fleshy bit of skin just under your four fingers to give you your size.  7cm is considered a medium women’s size and translates to a size 7 whilst a size 8 is considered to be a man’s size medium.  Whatever your sport you don’t have to compromise on comfort or grip ever again with these MacWet gloves!

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